Loan Takeovers

2017ChevyEquinoxLS195,000RebuiltEdmontonClick to View
2014NissanPathfinderSL228,000ActiveCalgaryClick to View
2012DodgeRam 1500Sport196,000ActiveCalgaryClick to View
2006HondaCivicHybrid151,325ActiveVancouver Click to View

Thank you for viewing our loan takeover section. All vehicles for sale on our website have previously been financed on our Drive program or are currently financed and the owner is interested in selling the vehicle.

All vehicles are available for cash purchase and do not have to be financed. Financing is available on our program with interest rates ranging from 11.95% – 25.0% subject to credit and vehicle. Subject to credit, existing finance deals can typically be assumed from $0.00 down payment to 20% of the sale price.